Introducing Erin Templeton: The Bag Brand and The Entrepreneur

Credit author Reuben Ramsay

Erin Templeton. Introducing Erin Templeton: The Bag Brand and The Entrepreneur

When passion turns into craft, something beautiful is born. Located in Vancouver’s vivacious Chinatown, that something is Erin Templeton. Erin Templeton is new and recycled bags and accessories, as well as hand-picked vintage clothing and jewelry. Erin Templeton is also the entrepreneur, the designer and the accomplished driving force behind her company.
Unique in design and superb in quality, the spirit of the past is present in the Erin Templeton collection. When you pick up one of these sturdy bags, the workmanship truly speaks for itself. There is something wondrous about hand-crafted items, whether it’s the itamae at your favourite sushi restaurant, carefully arranging and curating a seafood delicacy or Erin Templeton and her team fabricating their beautiful bags. The ownership and care that goes into the bags, purses, clutches and the numerous accessories is one of the special features of Erin Templeton products.

I am super excited to share my favourite Erin Templeton products with you!

Straight and Narrow Crossbody Bag



Imagine wearing a cute summer dress and pairing it with the Straight and Narrow Crossbody Bag. Exactly. Whether you are going to the beach, going for a stroll or meeting up with some friends at the bar, this is definitely an accessory that can be coupled with any outfit.

Straight and Narrow Crossbody Bag


Bucket Bag


You can throw whatever you want in the Bucket Bag: a laptop, some books, and all of your essentials! Personally, I would find it rather difficult not to bring my whole snack collection, but that’s just me. On the outside of the bag, there are two pockets many are sure to love: the BYOB side pockets. This is perfect to sneak in some alcohol or maybe just to place your hairbrush and keys in for easy access.

Bucket Bag


The Assistant Backpack – Large



The versatility of The Assistant is truly exciting. Converting from backpack to bag, you decide which function suits you. The durable, tough leather is resistant against the elements while the bag itself is large enough for all your essentials and more! Besides its functionality, The Assistant is rather elegant and is sure to make you fall in love.

The Assistant Backpack

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