Saxx Underwear, MyPakage & Icebreaker: High-End Boxers

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Icebreaker, MyPakage, SAXX Underwear. Saxx Underwear, MyPakage & Icebreaker: High-End Boxers

Like Vince was telling us the other day, it’s pretty hard to go back to regular underwear once you enjoyed the comfort of great quality ones.

The day I first tried a top quality boxer I knew I would never go back to the disappointment and frustration caused by poor quality underwear. Same thing happened the day I discovered merino wool and all of its miraculous benefits: it was a revelation to me.

Regarding high-end boxers and briefs, three brands stand out from the crowd: Saxx Underwear, MyPakage and Icebreaker. I don’t personally wear them ’cause – you know – I’m a girl, but according to most of the guys working at Altitude Sports, these are quite unbelievable (apparently, we’re pretty far from Fruit of the Loom…).

Saxx Underwear Co.

saxx underwearsaxx boxers fly

Everything started after a fishing trip – a little before the founder of Saxx Underwear stood in front of Dragon’s Den’s cameras to talk about his idea. His goal was to find a way to prevent discomforts caused by friction and lack of support. The technology introduced by Saxx is quite revolutionary.

This is basically what you’re getting: nine panel construction, ergonomic front pouch, flat lock seams and the most important one, the patented mesh panels – preventing unwanted friction and movement to reduce chafe and allow contact-free support. To finish, you also get top-of-the-line breathable fabrics that can assure comfort and odour control.

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mypackagemypackage boxers

One of the first thing you’ll notice about MyPakage underwear is the fabric’s great breathability. It is made to keep the humidity and sweat out – allowing you to stay comfortable all day long.

Like on Saxx’s, you will also find a front ergonomic pouch. Mixed with the fitted cut, these boxers will give you that extra dose of support you need. You can be sure that everything will stay in place. Bonus: we love MyPakage’s funky degisns and colors. Wearing flowered undies and looking good in them? No problema!

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icebreaker boxersicebreaker underwear

Here, Icebreaker sticked to what they do best: merino wool product. No one – or almost – can do it like they do. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the amazing benefits of that fabric, it pretty much keeps you dry at all time; it dries quickly, it’s super durable, it adapts to your body temperature, it is light and ultra-breathable. Oh, and it’s also great on the comfort side.

Blend this with flat lock seams, a profiled pouch and a nice cut and you’ll get the best of both worlds: a boxer you can wear on a daily basis but that will also support you during physical activities. The new Anatomica model, mixed with nylon, lycra and of course merino wool, is one of the best options for active gents.

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