TIMEX Watches : Urban, Refined & Athletic

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Timex. TIMEX Watches : Urban, Refined & Athletic

We mostly know TIMEX for their sport watches and fitness bracelets. However, they also have a great selection of urban-oriented products and accessories. Whether it be with a colored strap or a classic style, it’s pretty easy to find a watch that will suit you and all your daily needs.

Plus, a good amount of their products are 100% unisex. We like.

The Sport Watches

timex ironmantimex ironman gps

The TIMEX Ironman bracelet is an extremely complete accessory. It counts your steps, the distances you walk, the calories you burn and the hours you sleep. It even has an integrated training program that you can follow with your smartphone or your computer, using an app and a software that will analyse and follow your results and progress.

The TIMEX Ironman One GPS+ is kind of a boosted version of the previous watch. Adding to all the functionalities offered with the Ironman, you also get a heart rate monitor, a GPS and BlueTooth technology. You even get space for 4go of music – that you can listen to with wireless headphones.

TIMEX Ironman® Move x20

TIMEX Ironman® One GPS+

The Unisex Urban Watches

timex weekendertimex waterbury

The minimalist yet funky look of the Weekender Fairfield watch allows it to be one of the most versatile accessories you will own. I personally like its little preppy style and the fact that it is water resistant. That means you can wear it anytime, rain or shine.

The Waterbury watch offers a more sober – but very elegant style. It was created for TIMEX’s 160 years anniversary. The goal was to come up with a classic, durable and timeless looking watch: I think they nailed it.

TIMEX Weekender Fairfield

TIMEX Waterbury

The Sport + Urban Combination

timex metropolitan +

TIMEX came up with a new version of the Cosmopolitan+ for 2016. With its traditionnal analogic watch look, it stands out from its competitors and the regular training watches we know. However, it will still count your steps, calories and distances, while being water-resistant. You’ll also get the BlueTooth technology and a software allowing you to analyse your results. A very performant, practical and stylish watch.

TIMEX Metropolitan+

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