Top Gym Bags of 2018

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Dakine, Herschel Supply Co., RAINS, The North Face. Top Gym Bags of 2018

For those following the “new year, new you” trend and hitting the gym as promised in your new year’s resolution, you need a great gym bag. If you were a committed gym goer who was dedicated before the new year started, you also deserve a great gym bag! Keep your gym gear organized and ready for whenever a quick workout opportunity presents itself with one of our top gym bags.

  • The North Face Apex Gym Duffel

tnf apex gym duffel medium

Apex Gym Duffel Medium

tnf apex gym duffel small

Apex Gym Duffel Small

Available in a small and medium size, the Apex Gym Duffel is the perfect workout companion. Two main zippers allow you to store your fresh, clean clothes apart from sweaty workout clothes and shoes. One pocket is equipped with a breathable, mesh top so you can store your dirty clothes and shoes without stinking up the entire pocket. A small external pocket is a great place to store small items like your keys and wallet while an internal pocket with a fleece lining easily secures your phone so it is also safe and secure. Duffel handles and a cross-body shoulder-strap add versatility and convenience so you can carry your duffel however you want.


  • Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle

herschel supply co novel duffel herschel supply co novel duffel 

From an overnighter to a morning at the gym, the Novel Duffle is a versatile and conveniently sized bag sure to meet your needs. One of Herschel’s most popular models, the Novel Duffle features the brand’s signature shoe compartment keeping your shoes and (shoe smell) separate from the rest of your belongings. Equipped with a waterproof zipper, internal mesh pocket for small items and a removable shoulder strap, this duffle is sure to be a favourite for all your daily activities from the gym to the office.


  • RAINS Unisex Duffel Bag

rains unisex duffel bag rains unisex duffel bag

New to the RAINS fleet is their Duffel Bag. Simple yet sleek, this duffel boasts a practical design that is perfect for daily activities. From light travel trips to early morning workouts, the large compartment of this duffel bag easily stores all your belongings safe and secure. 


  • Dakine EQ Bag 23L

dakine eq bag

Specializing in everything bags from travel luggage to sports bags and everything in between, Dakine is no stranger when it comes to carrying convenience. The EQ Bag boasts a 23L capacity and a U-shaped opening for easy access to all your items inside. A zippered pocket located on the end is a safe place to store small items like your keys or chapstick and when the bag is empty, it can be easily packed into this same end pocket for convenient storage. Sling it over you shoulder with the removable shoulder strap or carry it by the duffel handles, the EQ Bag is a great gym companion for all your workouts.


Duffel bags are often a more convenient choice for the gym because you can easily fish around inside to find exactly what you are looking for thanks to the large opening. Some duffel bags will also have separate side pockets or additional compartments where you can easily store your gym shoes so they don’t smell up all the rest of the items inside. Smaller organization pockets are often located on the exterior or on the inside of the bag to store small items like your keys and wallet.

If you’re not a duffel bag fan, not to worry, there are plenty of backpacks that work just as well as a gym bag.

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  1. Please help – I’m fortunate enough that my workplace has an on-site gym, but on Monday mornings I look like a bag lady straggling in the office…. computer bag; gym bag; lunch bag; purse plus my coffee travel cup. Are there any multi-functional bags/backpacks that can better organize me? Thank you

    1. Hello Barb! There are a few options you can check out although the best may be a tote or duffel.

      – Matt & Nat Lesada Tote: offers a laptops sleeve, large size, has a shoulder strap that can be removed if necessary
      – Dakine EQ Bag: ideally a carry-on bag, the U-shaped zipper make sit easy to store your belongings inside and find them easily. 23L volume.
      – Arc’teryx Veilance Seque Tote Bag: simple look with shoulder straps or handles. All weather tote so your belongings stay safe and dry
      – Filson Duffle Backpack: the best of both worlds!
      – Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle: has a shoe pocket which is handy and the inside can store all your other belongings.

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