Down Insulation: When Feathers & Duvet Are Trying To Escape From Your Jacket

Credit author Marie-Christine Lessard

. Down Insulation: When Feathers & Duvet Are Trying To Escape From Your Jacket

Wearing a down insulated coat has multiple pros: this type of fiber gives you the opportunity to get a very warm, highly compressible and ultra-light jacket – all great features that we are looking for to go through winter with a maximum of comfort.

However, there’s a pretty well kept secret about down insulation: fibers can escape from you coat. And that is totally normal. It is not a manufacturing defect or a sign of lower quality; it happens with the best brands out there.

Feathers and duvet could be described as extremely fine fibers – and have the capacity to go through any seam line. Seeing it go through lining or stitches is normal. It can also be more easily visible on darker colored clothes.
If you do see some down of feathers poking through the material, there is one thing you should NOT do: try to pull it through the fabric. By doing so, you will only make the hole larger – making it easier for the down to come out.

What you should do: try to pull the feather or down back inside the coat and then gently rub the area between your fingers. By doing so, the material’s fibers will be pulled back together, helping to seal up the small hole that may have developed.

What you have to remember overall: if you see down or feathers coming out of your jacket, do not panic. It is totally normal.

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