Gift Guide for Hikers & Campers 2017

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With Christmas in less than a week, the last minute Christmas shopping frenzy is well underway. If you’re the last minute shopping type who tries their hardest to avoid the Christmas crowds, why not enjoy some Christmas shopping from the comforts of your favourite chair at home? Altitude Sports is your one-stop-shop for Christmas presents for the whole family. You successfully avoid the Christmas crowds filling the mall corridors and flocking to the sale racks and can even score some pre-Boxing Day deals.

If you’re searching for a gift for the hikers and campers in your family, we have the perfect collection of gifts that will surely make any nature-loving adventurer’s eyes twinkle. From the coziest hiking socks to practical, gadgets like the VSSL Shelter, there’s something small and big for everyone. Like any sport in the mountains, you can never be too prepared so having the knowledge and the gear to ensure your experience is the best it can be is essential.

Gifts for $400 and More

  • The North Face Inferno Sleeping Bag

the north face inferno sleeping bag



the north face inferno sleeping bag


the north face inferno sleeping bag


the north face inferno sleeping bag 


With four styles to choose from and four different temperature ratings, the Inferno sleeping bag is a winter camper’s dream. Insulated with 800 Fill ProDown™, you’re sure to be toasty and warm even on the coldest winter nights under the stars. The mummy shape paired with the center zip and fitted hood ensure the utmost thermal capacity while a foot zipper allows for extra ventilation when necessary. The lowest temperature rating model is for 15°F/-9°C and is versatile enough to be used nearly year round. The other three models range from 0°F/-18°C to -40°F/-40°C.


  • Suunto Spartan Sport

suunto spartan sport watrch suunto spartan sport watch

For the gadget gurus on your Christmas list that love everything techy, the Spartan Sport watch is a great fit. Ideal for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts who venture off the beaten path and yearn for adventure, the Spart Sport watch is equipped with GPS/GLONASS tracking and route navigation. There is a real-time breadcrumb trail with route and Point of Interest navigation as well as ETA so you can explore safely and always make it home for dinner. The watch also features sunrise and sunset times so you can be sure to finish your journey or set up camp before it’s too dark. Gift the gift of safe explorations and give the Spartan Sport watch.


  • Arc’teryx Bora AR Backpack

arcteryx bora ar 49l backpack

Women’s 49L

arcteryx bora ar 50l backpack


arcteryx bora 63l backpack


Arc’teryx is known for their top of the line designs and attention to detail for gear and apparel and the Bora AR backpack is no exception. Available in a men’s specific model as well as a women’s specific model and different sizes, this backpack is sure to be a favourite for many. The main feature that makes this pack such a winner is the RotoGlide™ hip belt and Tegris® back panel. It is a backpack that not only easily carries your gear and equipment without hassle but also provides exceptional support and comfort. Say goodbye to uncomfortable chafing and hello to endless hours exploring mountain terrain comfortably.


Gifts for $150- $395

  • NEMO Equipment Galaxi 3 Person Tent & Footprint

nemo equipment galaxi 3 person tent nemo equipment galaxi 3 person tent

Spending a night under the stars is priceless and something everyone should get to experience at least once in their life. If sleeping directly under the stars isn’t your thing, a durable tent to snooze in will still do the trick. The Galaxi 3 person tent is an innovative tent designed to be easy to use and enjoy by first-time campers to backcountry veterans. With a 3 person capacity, you can grab your two best friends and head for the wilderness or keep things roomy and stick to two people and have space to spread out. Although it may not be the most lightweight tent for minimalist hikers and campers, it’s a great addition to any camp kit for those just looking to disconnect for a week and enjoy the calmness of nature.


  • Seat to Summit Comfort Light Mat

sea to summit mat large


sea to summit comfort light mat regular


A good night of sleep begins with a good mattress so shop wisely. You want something that will provide enough support and comfort that even the flattest and bumpiest ground can’t ruin your slumber. The Comfort Light mat is equipped with hybrid layer Air Sprung Cell™ Technology which is a double layer of high-resolution cells located in the torso section. These cells provide maximum comfort and insulation for your core whereas the other sections for your head and legs use a single layer of medium resolution cells. This difference in cells reduces the weight of the mattress making it an ideal choice for backpackers and campers who are carrying their gear and hiking to their camp location. Available in a large and a regular, you can find the perfect fit to ensure you have the best sleep.


  • Fimbulvetr HIKR Snowshoe

fimbulvetr hikr snowshoe fimbulvetr hikr snowshoe fimbulvetr hirk snowshoe

For those searching for a medium-sized snowshoe equipped with all-mountain capabilities, the HIKR snowshoe is your match. Designed to perform on flat terrain and steep ascents, you’re all set to explore your snowy backyard without falling knee deep into the snow with each step you take. Whether you’re headed out for a day tracking through the snow trails or you’re embarking on a weekend camping trip in the backcountry, the HIKR snowshoes are a necessary piece of equipment for winter adventures.


Gifts for $75- $175

  • Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair

therm-a-rest treo chair

thermarest treo chair thermarest treo chair thermarest treo chair

Get home comfort at the base camp with the Treo chair. Available in a variety of colours, this sturdy chair packs small and is the perfect accessory for a homey touch to any campsite. PaAck it in your pack to set up at camp in the woods or break it out at the rest stop for convenient seating during a long drive to your camp destination. 


  • MSR Cookset Quick 2 System

MSR’s Cookset Quick 2 System is the ultimate cooking set for all mountain adventures. With all the necessary dishes and pots needed for a variety of meals in the backcountry for two, this cookset is sure to be a camp kitchen staple. Give the gift of convenient, hardy, home-cooked meals in the woods with the MSR Cookset Quick 2 System.



  • Optimus Elektra FE Cooksystem

optimus elektra stove optimus elektra stove optimus elektra stove

Whether you’re stopping for a trailside snack or starting your day with a hot bowl of oatmeal, the Elektra FE cooksystem is efficient and performant with a 28% fast boil time at a 20% fuel savings. Average burn time from one canister is up to 90 minutes at maximum output and average boil time for 1L of water is 2.3 minutes depending on the weather and climate. A camp kitchen is not complete without a reliable stove and the Elektra FE is sure to be that missing piece to your camp kitchen.


Gifts For $70 and Less

  • MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set

The ultimate toolkit to make outdoor cooking a breeze. The MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set has all the tools you need to prepare great meals in an open-air, nature kitchen. With visible innovations such as the combination pot strainer/cheese grater, this kit will have you impressing yourself and your fellow camp buddies out in the woods.


  • Petzl Tactikka + RGB – 250 Lumens

petzl tactikka headlamp petzl tactikka headlamp petzl tactikka headlamp

A headlamp is one of the most convenient pieces of equipment especially when those hikes you set out for take a little longer than expected. Petzl’s Tactikka + RGB Headlamp is no exception. This 250 lumen, battery-powered headlamp provides hands-free lighting for the last leg of the trail back to camp or the car and even cooking or playing cards at night. Headlamps are great for a number of activities and are also very handy to have on hand in the car for emergencies. Give the gift of hands-free and rechargeable light with the Tactikka + RGB headlamp.


  • Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle – 16oz

For those adventures when the temperatures aren’t as ideal, bringing along a thermos of warm cocoa or some hot soup really raises the group morale. Stanley’s Classic Vacuum Bottle holds 16oz of whatever warm beverage or liquid snack you choose to to fill it with. The vacuum lid keeps the leaks at bay and ensures that the thermos contents stay warm while your pack stays dry. This is the perfect gift for any outdoor explorers on your Christmas list.



  • Victorinox Huntsman Hardwood

victorinox huntsman hardwood
Every outdoor adventurer has had a pocket knife in their life at some point whether it be a basic knife like Huntsman Hardwood or a more advanced one. I received my first pocket knife as a kid in boy scouts and still have the handy gadget with me whenever I’m out in the woods or camping and strongly believe that dwindling sticks never gets old as you grow up not to mention it can come in seriously handy in some situations.


Happy Shopping!

Christmas is only a few days away and we want to ensure you get all the right gifts for your camping and hiking fanatics. Prepare your loved ones for their outdoor adventures and keep them safe with adequate gear and safety gadgets.

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