Gift Guide For Runners 2017

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With November nearly over, the month of December is on the horizon which means Christmas isn’t far away. (For those who are counting, there are only five Monday’s left until Christmas). If Christmas shopping is a thrilling experience that you look forward to every year, any excuse to get out there and shop is a good enough excuse for you and for those who dread the Christmas shopping crowds, sit back and relax in your favourite lazy-boy chair and enjoy the perks of online shopping from home.

For the running lovers in your family, we’ve got a gift guide that’ll have you checking off names on your Christmas shopping list in no time. If you’re part of a whole family of runners, well then this gift guide will have just made your day!

The products are organized into five price categories so you can find the perfect gift within your budget.

Gifts for $100 and More

  • Suunto Spartan Sport HR

suunto spartan sport hr suunto spartan sport hr suunto spartan sport hr suunto spartan sport hr
    Get the stats from your latest training with the sleek and strong Spartan Sport HR. With a battery life of 10 to 16 hours depending on whether you run it at Full Power or Power Save mode, you’re set to track countless hours of intense training statistics. For those runners who are training on mountains or adding in hill climbing to their regular routine, the GPS in the Spartan Sport HR is capable of measuring ascent and descent values too. Track your heart rate, power and speed compatibility with Stryd running power and even connect a Suunto Bike Sensor if you’re doing some cross-training and getting your legs spinning. This high-tech watch is a must-have for serious runners looking to improve their performance and increase their motivations techniques.


  • Salomon Unisex Snowcross 2 CS WP Trail Running Shoes

salomon snowcross salomon snowcross salomon snowcross salomon snowcross

Regular running shoes are great for regular running routines throughout the rest of the year but for the winter, you may want some shoes that are designed for the season and the Snowcross 2 CS WPtraill running shoes are a perfect option. The aggressive outsole offers optimal traction on snow and a high-top protective membrane keeps your feet dry and protected from the snow or slush. This shoe is fully waterproof and specifically designed for winter terrain so get out there and enjoy your run whether it be snowy or slushy!


  • Arc’teryx Kyanite Vest

womens kyanite vest

Women’s Kyanite Vest


mens kyanite vest

Men’s Kyanite Vest


When the temperatures drop, your usual wardrobe may not be enough for your usual running routine so warmer garments and layers like the Kyanite Vest are essential. Because running is an aerobic activity, you want to choose layers that are breathable and quick-drying so you remain dry, warm and comfortable. The Kyanite vest is a technical layering vest and a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Crafted from Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro, it provides excellent warmth, moisture management and is versatile enough for a variety of your favourite activities. Pair it with your coziest base layer or zip it under a softshell, this vest is a layer worth investing in.

Gifts for $100 and Less

  • The North Face Winter Warm Tights

the north face womens winter warm tights

Women’s Winter Warm Tights


the north face mens winter warm tights

Men’s Winter Warm Tights


Cold legs and a cold bum are easily a downfall of winter running so dress accordingly and choose the Winter warm Tights. Just like the name suggests, these tights will keep you warm in the winter. Crafted with densely knit, wicking FlashDry™ fibres, you get breathable warmth on the coldest winter days. Lined for added warmth and comfort, the Winter Warm Tights are sure to be a runner’s favourite for the cold months.

  • CamelBak Rogue Backpack

camelbak rogue bakcpack camelbak rogue backpack camelbak rogue backpack camelbak rogue backpack

Running in the colder months means adding more layers but once you warm up, these layers can become a nuisance. Bringing along a small backpack allows you to store your keys, a snack (if you’re going for a long run), water and even extra space for store small items like gloves, a toque or even a light jacket. While running with a backpack isn’t for everyone, for some, it is a necessity. The Rogue backpack comes with a 2L Crux™ reservoir, has two external pockets and is equipped with reflective accents for safety. It’s light and compact and a chest strap keeps it secure so you can enjoy your run handsfree all year long.


  • Timex Ironman® Sleek 50 Watch

timex ironman sleek 50 red ironman sleek 50 white ironman sleek 50 black

For the runners looking to track their routines in search of a basic sports watch without all the unnecessary bells and whistles, the Ironman® Sleek 50 is an excellent choice. It is lightweight, breathable, durable and sure to be the best training companion. Choose from the interval workout mode and easy to use run timers to get the most out of your training.


Gifts for $75 and Less

  • Shock Absorber Active Multisport Bra

shock absorber active multisport bra shock absorber active multisport bra

Finding the perfect bra is a moment to appreciate in any woman’s life, and finding the perfect sports bra is just as satisfying. If you’re a runner, you want a bra that does its job holding your girls comfortably and reducing uncomfortable bouncing. Shock Absorber is a brand that stands true to its name and the Active Multisport bra is a force to reckon with this season. With a bra this comfortable, you’ll never understand how you ever managed before.


  • Smartwool PhD® HyFi Wind Training Glove

smartwool phd hyfi gloves

Cold fingers can easily put a damper on any activity so eliminate it before it happens with the PhD® HyFi Wind Training Glove. These touchscreen compatible gloves are good for more than just sending texts! A windproof fabric located on the back of the hands eliminates cold winds from making your hands feel cold while silicone dots on the palm and fingers provide grip should you need to take a quick sip from your water bottle or answer a quick call on the go. 


  • CEP Compression Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0

cep compression progressive run socks cep progression progressive run socks cep compression progressive run socks

Compression socks have become more and more popular especially among runners and CEP Compression knows what runners need. The brand has revolutionized the world of running and the Progressive+ Run socks 2.0 is just one example of their legwear products showcasing their craftsmanship. Crafted with metatarsal compression, these socks provide excellent support and comfort for any runner. The medi compression which is featured in most CEP legwear products, reduces vibrations, increases coordination, stabilizes muscles and joints, increases blood flow and overall, prevents most running injuries. If you haven’t tried compression socks, the Progressive+ Run sock 2.0 may be worth trying out.


Gifts for $50 and Less

  • Craft Brilliant 2.0 Hat

craft unisex brilliant 2.0 hat craft unisex brilliant 2.0 hat

When it’s cold outside, your head and extremities are the first to lose body heat so, in order to keep warm, a toque is ideal. The Brilliant 2.0 hat is a perfect choice because it not only keeps your head warm, but it’s designed with bright colours and reflective details so you’re visible even while running at night. 


  • Buff Lightweight Solid Merino Wool

lightweight solid merino wool buff lightweight solid merino wool buff lightweight solid merino wool buff lightweight solid merino wool

When the sharp winds are blowing, a neckwarmer is a necessary accessory for your run. Buff carries a collection of versatile neckwarmers that can easily be worn as a toque, headband or balaclava in a few folds. The Lightweight Solid Merino Wool is a great option for those colder days and the merino wool properties give it a soft feel next to ski, manages moisture and resists odours. 


  • Fitletic Forte Armband

fitletic forte armband fitletic forte armband fitletic forte armband fitletic forte armband

Who doesn’t love listening to music while running? It boosts motivation and the right playlist can have you running for hours and getting lost in the zone. Carrying your phone, iPod or MP3 player can be a hassle but with the Forte Armband, you get hands-free music so you can enjoy your run without any limitations.


Let’s Get Shopping!

Keep the runners in your life happy this Christmas with one of these gifts under the tree or in a stocking. With a variety of running products to choose from, there’s sure to be something to please all the runners on your shopping list in this gift guide for runners.

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