Gift Guide for the Sock Collectors on Your List

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Christmas shopping is in full swing and the Christmas cheer is spilling out of stores while jolly Christmas classics ring from speakers in shopping malls, restaurants and in homes. With the approaching big day getting closer and closer, finding the perfect gift for your office Secret Santa or your great aunt who has everything she could ever need can be a dreadful task.

The Power of a Great Pair of Socks

Avoid waiting until last minute and scrambling around looking for the perfect gift and get creative. The simplest thing like a pair of socks can put a smile on your colleague’s face or get a chuckle out of your quirky, great aunt. Who knows, they could be a closet sock collector and you’ve just made their collection complete.

Now I’m not just talking about your plain 10 pack of white tube socks from Wal-Mart. When you’re getting creative and buying socks, you’ve got to find the funkiest patterns or their favourite animals or characters plastered all over the socks. Big, cozy wool socks that double as slippers are also fantastic. With the winter comes cold floors and cold toes so a cozy pair of socks is a great gift. 

Even regular socks can be a great hit! For the runners, hikers, bikers and even the snowboarders and skiers on your list, a great pair of socks can be the perfect gift. For those who are not willing to buy that great pair of socks for themselves, receiving a pair from a colleague or a great nephew or niece can be a day-maker.


instance womens stolen kiss crew sock instance womens fiver outdoor socks instance mens krup sock instance mens wilmot sock


Instance has a variety of funky socks and even funkier product descriptions. Models for men, women and kids too, Instance socks add a little fun to everyone’s wardrobe at the office, loungin at home and even on the hill.

Kari Traa

kari traa airborn sock kari traa airborn sock kari traa airborn sock

Kari Traa specializes in women’s products catered to the active women who love the outdoors. All their products have vibrant and fun colour schemes and their socks are no exception.


burton women's party socks burton women's party socks burton men's party socks burton mens party socks

Known for their outerwear and snowboard related products, Burton also designs a wicked pair of socks. Great for snowboarding or wearing to the office, Burton has a collection of funky socks to choose from that will keep the sock collectors and the snowboards (and skiers) on your list happy.


womens popcorn cable socks womens crystal grid crew socks mens tetrahedron crew socks smartwool mens gunnar crew socks

Although they’re most popular for activities such as hiking and running, Smartwool socks can be worn around the house and in the office too. The comforts and benefits of merino wool paired with fun colours make a great gift. Keep the hikers and runners on your list happy with fun colours and the day-long comfort of Smartwool.


lucy knee high socks rorvik socks fireside socks snow palm fusion socks

Fashionable and functional, Wigwam socks are perfect for your outdoors activities and lounging around on a movie day at home. With a more classic look, you can please the classic sock collectors on your list with the simplicity and versatility look of Wigwam socks.

Darn Tough

womens shortcake over the calf sock womens shortcake over the calf sock mens hojo over the calf sock mens hojo over the calf sock

Darn Tough socks are tough and durable for your activities and cushion your feet for all-day comfort. Whether you’re looking for something simple and grey or something with some colour, Darn Tough has a little something for all the sock lovers this holiday season.


womens lifestyle sock womens lifestyle sock mens icebreaker sock mens icebreaker sock

Icebreaker socks are famous for their merino wool fabrics and their active fits that provide comfort for long days of exploring. Whether your explorations take you up and down a mountainside or exploring your hometown, Icebreaker socks will keep your feet happy.


Happy Sock Shopping!

Please all the sock lovers on your Christmas list this season. With the help of this sock gift guide you’re sure to get some great ideas for the hikers, the runners, the skiers and the boarders, and even the loungers this holiday season.

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