How to Dress Comfortably For Plane Travel

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Comfortable plane attire is a must for flying whether you’re on a long flight or not. Running through the airport to catch your flight or simply sitting for 9 hours until your next layover in restricting and uncomfortable clothing and footwear is not ideal. In some cases, such as flying for work, your attire must be professional and stylish so it’s hard to meet those expectations while remaining comfortable although not impossible. Below are some tips and brands to check out that will have you flying comfortable and stylish all summer long.

Dress in Comfortable Fabrics & Materials

There are multiple factors that contribute to your personal comfort while traveling by plane. Mostly, it’s the fits and the fabrics of the garments you choose to wear. We all know how uncomfortable it is to sit for multiple hours on end in a pair of too-tight pants or a shirt that’s too tight and feels like you’re being suffocated.

For those flying in the summer months or destined for hot destinations, breathable and moisture wicking materials are ideal. Brands Like Icebreaker and Smartwool use merino wool and wool blends which are great for regulating your body temperature and fighting odors. These brands are most often known for their base layers and socks although they create casual wear as well including some stylish products.

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Dress in Comfortable & Non-Restricting Fits

Being able to enjoy your in-flight entertainment and maybe sneak in a quick nap is ideal when you’re on a long-haul flight and comfort is a good start. It’s hard to relax and get some shut-eye when your mind is focused on the discomfort caused by uncomfortable clothing. While wearing pajamas on a flight, unless you’re a child, will get you some bizarre looks in the terminal, there are other comfy options that will make you forget that you’re not in your favourite, cozy pair of pajamas.

On the Bottom

For a red-eye flight or something more than 6 hours, relaxed fit clothing is perfect. Dress in tights, leggings even sweat pants and you’re sure to be comfortable enough to doze away into a nap. Sweatpants are becoming more and more stylish with new designs and looks so you can easily get away with wearing a pair and still look stylish. 

If you’re flying in the middle of the day where pajama-like attire isn’t so practical, opt for flowy and relaxed fitting garments. For the ladies, choose a flowy dress and for the gentlemen, pick a relaxed pair of pants or even some linen pants. Joggers are in style and make a great choice for airplane attire. Try to avoid pants and shorts that require a belt because, after a few hours of sitting, you’ll for sure want to take that belt off.

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On the Top

Picking what to wear on the top is generally easier than bottoms because you don’t have to worry about something being too tight around your waist or legs. Flowy tops are always a good choice and comfortable fits that remain in place even when you’re all twisted in a deep sleep.



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Be Aware Of Leather Airplane Seats

There’s nothing worse than having to peel your sweaty legs off of a leather airplane seat everytime you want to get up to go to the toilet. Not all planes are filled with leather seats but for those that are, wearing a pair of relaxed and breezy pants will be a better choice than some short shorts. If it’s just really too hot for pants of any kind, bringing along a hoodie to sit on just in case is a good alternative. This may not be an issue for everyone but leather seats is an element of airplane travel to keep in mind.

Pair a cute tanks or tee with your flowy pants and you’ve got a comfortable and stylish look.

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Comfortable Footwear

To the ladies who rock stiletto heels at the airport and do the trek from one terminal to the next without hesitation, you are strong. To the women like myself, who prefer flat shoes with just the right amount of elevation for support, comfort is key. Regardless of the type of shoes you choose to wear to the airport, it is common for feet to feel slightly swollen during and after your flight. For this, it is ideal to pick a pair of shoes that aren’t tight fitting. If the shoes feel tight on a regular day, 

Regardless of the type of shoes you choose to wear to the airport, it is common for feet to feel slightly swollen during and after your flight. For this, it is ideal to pick a pair of shoes that are a comfortable and relaxed fit. If you’re heading to a warm and tropical destination, rocking a pair of sandals on the plane is a great choice. Just remember to pack a pair of socks in your carry-on in case your feet get cold.




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This One is For the Ladies

FIG Clothing, is a brand for women that has created an entire collection dedicated to traveling in comfort. 

This particular collection is the Voyage Collection and it is made up of multiple stylish and casual pieces. The products within the collection are made from stretchy cotton-based fabrics and are even wrinkle-resistant. You can show up to your destination with ease knowing that you’re going to look as fresh and put together as you did while boarding the flight 12 hours before.

From dresses and skirts to blouses and casual shirts, FIG Clothing knows that stylish and comfortable attire is essential for a woman living and active and professional lifestyle in the modern world. Below are some of our favourites from the FIG Clothing Voyage Collection.

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At the end of the day, everyone has their own idea of comfort and will wear what they feel comfortable in for airplane travel. What you feel comfortable in may be completely different compared to the passenger next to you but to each their own. As long as you’ve got your carry-on essentials and you’re comfortable you’re alls et for a great flight.

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