RAINS: Modern and Comfortable Rainwear

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RAINS. RAINS: Modern and Comfortable Rainwear

Spontaneous spring showers can be a nuisance, but with a stylish raincoat that is comfortable to boot, you can welcome spring showers with open arms. Rains recognizes the need for comfortable rainwear and offers a collection of products that successfully blend fashion and function. It is a brand dedicated to providing rainwear and accessories that are modern yet crafted to withstand the gloomiest, wet weather. 


Behind the Brand

Founded in 2012, Rains set out to reinvent the classic rubber raincoat into something more modern and functional. Starting with a single poncho their first year, the brand followed-up with an entire waterproof collection the following year. Within their waterproof collection, you can find not only waterproof apparel but waterproof bags and accessories as well. All the designs are influenced by Scandinavian heritage and showcase a simple yet functional look loved by many. Thanks to Rains, rainy days can be stylish and something to look forward to no matter what your day’s plans are.

Unisex Long Jacket


Mountaineer Bag


City Tote Bag


Eco-Friendly Initiatives 

Throughout their collection of products, Rains stays true to their promise of offering modern and comfortable rainwear that confidently meet the standards of REACH; the European legislation regulating registrations, evaluations, authorizations and restrictions of chemicals. Rains focuses on the sustainability of their products and chooses to develop products that are not only safe for people to wear but have less of an impact on the planet in the long run. Proof of this is that the PU-coating chosen for their products is significantly more environment-friendly than PVC and DWR-PFC. 

Women’s Curve Jacket




Travel Duffel


Aside from their PU-coating, Rains has chosen to use stainless steel for all metal components on their products because it is ultimately the most environmentally friendly metal. Other eco-friendly initiatives include opting for 3M™️ Thinsulate Featherless Insulation to meet their animal-friendly product pledge for their insulated items.

It’s no secret that Rains is onboard with greener production practices and is striving for a more sustainable future for the planet and those of us on it. From their environmental protection initiatives and commitment to their responsible production and product longevity, Rains is a company that is dedicated and confident in the products that they produce.

Modern and Comfortable Rainwear for Everyone

Rains’ products are designed to be enjoyed and worn proudly by men and women and aside from a handful of products, the majority of their collections are unisex. Their abundance of appealing colours also makes for a vibrant shopping experience. You can keep it neutral with a navy or deep olive or add a serious pop of colour to your rainy day wardrobe with a head-turning yellow or fire orange. Hip-length or thigh-length, backpack or tote bag, Rains offers a variety of products sure to satisfy anyone’s fashion needs.


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