Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG Trail Running Shoes Reviewed

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Running, Salomon. Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG Trail Running Shoes Reviewed

Don’t be offended but the Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG might not be your shoe. And the people at Salomon are probably fine with that. After all, they arguably hold the largest share in the ever-expanding trail running market. And they made the Speedcross, a shoe that every runner should own. But Salomon had a particular runner in mind when they designed the S-Lab Sense 6 SG. If you’re wearing a fitbit, this might not be your shoe. If you’re racing “just racing to finish”, this might not be your shoe. If you call this “jogging”, stop doing that immediately, and this isn’t your shoe.

Salomon entered the trail running market in 2001 and, like most of their new endeavours, quickly became industry leaders. The Sense line is the company’s flagship shoe line and is one of the lightest trail shoes available (275 g).

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The shoe has a rock plate, a hard layer, called Profeel, which keeps rocks and sharper objects from affecting a runner. It’s stack height, the difference between heel and toe height, is 4 mm. Those new to the sport may find this takes so getting used to.

Salomon shoes are true to their sizing. If you know your Salomon size from other models, you can confidently order online without trying them on. Salomon tends to favor runners with average to narrow foot widths, and the Sense 6 is no exception.

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The anti-debris mesh miraculously molds to the runner’s foot, breathes, drains and does not stretch. Salomon’s Sensifit and Endofit technologies make the fit of the shoe ideal for most runners.

As with previous generations, the Sense is available in two sole hardnesses, one designed for normal conditions and the SG (soft ground), which I’ve reviewed here. I would recommend the SG for runners living in temperate climates or regions where soil is damp or loamy.

Salomon’s S-Lab series shoes are durable. I retired my last pair after 500 km. Many runners will train in more affordable shoes, like Salomon’s Mantra or Speedcross, and keep these for race day. If you insist on this being your only shoe, when possible, stay away from pavement as lugs will wear out surprisingly quickly.

So, in fairness, who is this shoe designed for? If you’re an elite runner, this might be your shoe. If you’ve spent the season strengthening your feet/legs in a more cushioned shoe and are ready to run fast, this might be your shoe. If you’ve been eyeing up the leaderboard of your favorite Strava all summer and hunting season has arrived, this might be your shoe. But be warned, the fastest color in the forest is red! Enjoy.

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